Executive Team

Zenobia T Williams | CEO

Zenobia T Williams is the chief executive officer of 7sii Investments.

Prior to becoming CEO in May 2019, Zenobia has had the opportunity to learn from giants and work under them in several aspects of Real Estate. Zenobia has been managing professional services for many multi-billion dollar industries.

Zenobia's childhood experience lead her into wanting to help people that were less fortunate like kids opting out of foster care into adult hood with no direction.

Mothers and father's in homeless situations while caring for their children. Military vet's that have served our country and come back home to nothing.

Last but not least the dozen of under privileged citizen's in the prison system returning back into the world with no place to call home as well as being rehabilitated so that they get a chance at life again.

With Zenobia's expertise of tax-deed & lien properties as well as other aspects of real estate, she understands that this can solve many problems that communities face during economical times that causes a chain reaction.

She has found a way to bridge the gap so everyone plus communities would unite. Saving families while building our communities.


Stacy Allen| Vice President

Stacy Allen is the Senior VP of Business Operations

Stacy Allen is from St. Louis, MO and currently resides in Fort Lauderdale Florida. She is the Vice President of 7sii Investments.

She graduated from St. Louis University with a B.S.B.A in Accounting & Management Information Systems.

She has spent over 20 years in the Information and Technology industry as a consultant and project manager, performing a quantitative and qualitative analysis for businesses that range from $600,000 to hundreds of millions in annual revenue.

Her expertise is in building effective, productive working relationships with high profile clients in the manufacturing, technology, restaurant and retail industries.

She began her entrepreneurial journey as a managing partner of a marketing company that implemented a strategic plan and process for the financial and operational development of schools.

She was the CEO of a small consulting company for seven years and started a real estate investment group.

Over the years, she has owned and leased property as well. She was offered an opportunity with 7Sii Investment, to utilize her business acumen along with her expertise in cultivating relationships, to help enhance the innovation and growth of the company.

She is also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, empowering women to step into the best version of herself and she is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated.


Randy Morgan| Secretary

Randy Morgan is the Sectary of 7sii Investments.

Mr. Morgan brings over 25 years of extensive experience and relationships as an Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.

Randy has been involved with several different aspects of Real Estate like owning tax deeds, residential and commercial properties, owning a construction company as well as negotiating deals and developing properties valuing $15 million dollars and more.

Through his endeavors, Mr. Morgan grew as a well-known philanthropist raising over $80 million dollars for charities like The Boys & Girls Club of America, Diabetes Association of America, Los Angeles Juvenile System, Cancer Society of America and many more. Most notably, he stands on his motto “each one teach one”.

Through this philosophy, he developed a program that is responsible for sending over 50 at risk kids to college.

Mr. Morgan’s accomplishments as well as his keen eye for what is missing, for finding the need in every situation, is a valuable strength and benefit for 7sii Investments.